Case study

Technology Childcare Centers

Client: MIT Work-Life Center

Services: information architecture, usability testing

MIT operates five childcare centers for staff, students, and faculty, accommodating a combined total of 388 infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Their existing site did not represent their new locations nor provide a contemporary online experience.

After interviewing several Center staff members, I built an interactive set of wireframes which might better represent the Centers' programs in a more usable format. I then organized a series of usability tests with a range of their clients, all of whom used the Centers for their own families. They were all thus engaged in helping the Centers create a more usable website.

We carried out the tests which were observed by members of the Centers' staff. The staff experienced first-hand the needs and concerns of their clients and how the website could help build communication between them.

Based on this research, the RFP sent to vendors represented a user-verified model of what they should design and build.

Designer: Stoltze Design; developer: Pod.